Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What every woman wants ....

So I went out for dinner. Rather a trendy restaurant. A glass of fizz. Shared a bottle of wine. After all, I wasn't driving, was I?

Arrive home, to see the house lit up like Blackpool illuminations. As I get out of the car, a fire engine, all blues and twos pulls up on the drive. Followed by another one.

My alarm system has been playing up. It phoned the mother ship and they phoned me. I was out, having a birthday. It said that the smoke alarm was sending out a signal. So they called out these hunky firemen.

Tomorrow, ADT will be sending out an engineer to check out the system. I'll bet he's drop dead gorgeous too.

Woo hoo.


  1. So these firemen. Did they turn out to be strippers and did you tuck 5 quid notes in their man thongs?

  2. Off to buy a faulty fire alarm

  3. Dave Pie&Mash : it did cross my mind briefly that this might have been a birthday set up!

    Valleys Mam: I almost kidnapped them. And it never once crossed my mind that I was old enough to be the mother of any of them. I was so pleased that I was still all tarted up from my evening out too.

  4. When this happened to me I was in the hairdressers with foil bits all over my head. Not a good look - didn't impress the firemen.

    Another time I was heading to the dentists for an appointment. The dental surgery was on fire. I was so glad to have escaped a dental treatment that I didn't notice any hunky firemen.

    Glad you had an exciting birthday !! Jean x


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