Wednesday, December 9, 2009

From zero to hero

It's been just over 9 months since Spot arrived to live with me.

Yes, that was a great big bald bum. Criss-crossed with scars. He was shaved to the top of his tail which made it look detachable.

Soon the hair began to grow over the scars but he had a saddle-back of shorter hair where the shaved bits were growing back. By the autumn, there was a good covering of hair but you can see where the shaved patch was, even around the top of the tail. It wasn't as waterproof either and if it rained, it would get properly wet. Real, outdoorsy collies are waxed, like barbours. All they do is have a shake and all the water is off them and onto the kitchen floor.

Now that it's winter, I'm pleased to report that he's completely covered with a winter coat.

Let's face it, you can't go out annoying the cat without your coat on.


  1. Hi Mad, I was puzzled by the "coat" thing so have been doing some homework on your blog. I love the story of you getting Spot after losing Mossie and the picture of the two of you on top of the mountain is lovely. You are obviously very happy together. Unlike people, dogs never really let you down.

  2. His posture from the back... watching the cat, looks like he has a few wishes that he knows he must not act upon.

  3. You have to remember he's blind so he's not always "looking" in the right direction. Sometimes it's where she is, sometimes it's where she was and sometimes it's nothing like! But he does the beautiful collie crouch and tries to herd her. She is totally unfazed, having lived with and sworn at dogs all her life.

  4. Sorry, sent you a message, but think you've already joined as a follower so thank you - I can't get on to your main blog though - do I need a special invite? Lx


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