Monday, January 11, 2010

Free and simple pleasures

I've been tagged by The Wife of Bold . My top ten simple pleasures. Ha! Simple pleasures. Me? The High Maintenance Woman?

Well here they are...

1) Reading in bed, with a cup of tea. Complete bliss.

Not complete without a collie, of course.

2) Going to sleep.
This is such a luxurious, indulgent feeling that I will sometimes shake myself back awake, just to enjoy it all over again.

3) Climbing to the top of one of the hills There and enjoying the 360 degree view.

4) Waking up and remembering that Madette or Junior Mad has come to stay. Even better: both.

5) Bach's Goldberg Variations, played by Murray Perahia.

From the first note to the last, it is sublime.

6) Radio 4. Melvyn Bragg's "In our time", "I'm sorry I haven't a clue", "The Archers" and so much more.

God's own radio station.

7) Cooking for friends. Maybe not free but it doesn't have to be expensive ingredients. Such a pleasure to make a meal to share.

8) Watching the red kite. I could watch their graceful flight for hours. And usually do.

9) A moment of sheer vanity. The colour of my eyes. They're green. Proper green. Not a bit green with some blue or grey. Just green. As a teenager, I hated most bits of my body. My shape, my hair, my skin. Yeuch. At about the age of twenty, someone commented on the colour of my eyes. Taking off the glasses and looking hard into the mirror (one of those "Goodness, Miss Jones" moments), I realised that they really are green. I've liked them ever since.

The colour green hidden in this icicle, in fact.

10) Sitting with a collie head resting on my knee.

Love given and received.

And I have an eleventh pleasure. Reading your blogs. Keep them coming. They are such an enjoyable experience. And if you've got this far ... what are your ten free and simple pleasures?


  1. I enjoyed looking over your blog
    Great photos
    God bless you

  2. i love these! when i was 8 a friend of my grandma's said i had pretty feet and it has stayed with me all these years - the feet are less pretty (but still not bad) but the main thing was that someone had noticed them!

  3. I'm not sure I could come up with as many as ten but one of my favourites would be watching the birds on our bird feeders in the garden. The variety is amazing and their antics are endlessly entertaining. We have lots of pheasants who slide through the hedge to pick seeds up off the ground (snow at the moment) and our highest pheasant count so far is 5 females and 2 males. They're beautiful birds. Probably quite tasty, too. !!

    Another would, of course, be something to do with Lulu. In fact everything to do with Lulu.

  4. 9) And why couldn't you bequeath them, eh?

  5. You could have written many of those for me - including the green eyes!!

  6. OG: Thank you kindly

    Joker: It's good to love at least a bit of yourself, isn't it. I look enviously at girls in lovely strappy sandals, knowing that, with my high instep, I'd be on my nose in the gutter.

    Jean : We've always said that about ducks. Good to look at and on the plate.

    Katherine: Because, my darling Madette, I'm still using them. You have soft, velvet brown eyes that disguise your sharp wit! And we won't say anything about your brother's marmalade colour eyes.

    Reasons: Green is good, isn't it? Especially now that I can choose my hair colour to match!

  7. PS I forgot to mention - if that's a picture of your pear tatin, it looks scrumptious !!!

  8. Great list - and would love to see a pic of your eyes, as I have green eyes too, and they would have to be my favourite feature too ('cos you sure wouldn't want to see the thighs!!! :-0 )

  9. Bed, dog and food... I can mix 'em up but it has to be those three.... (I still have a kid under foot so I haven't had a chance to "miss" any of them yet).

  10. Oh what a lovely post, I'm going to have to steal it and put mine on my blog now! Yesterday I heard a bird signing while I was in the garden, nothing unusual about that you might think except that we hardly get any song birds here as its so remote and barren. Anyway,away to my blog and type!

  11. Your pleasures are wonderful and I would like a piece of that apple cake.



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