Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Carbon Pawprint

One tonne of CO2 a year. Just for one old collie. It's all that meat he eats apparently.

The average human in the developed world generates 14 tonnes and an, by contrast, only one tonne in the developing world.

A study published last week seemed to cover all the ins and outs of keeping cats and dogs in modern Britain There used to be six million of each and now there are ten million of each.

People with degrees are more likely to have cats. The reason is unknown but it's conjectured that people with degrees are more likely to have serious jobs and so don't have the time to give to a dog. Hey ho. Most of my friends are dog owners so that must make us a bunch of thickos. Nice thickos, though.

Anyway, who would need a degree when you can have a collie? A blind collie who can open kitchen doors. Shame he didn't know how to switch off the burglar alarm.

So, one tonne of CO2. They said nothing about the methane.


  1. Well, some of us have more methane than others.

    I no sooner typed that than I leaned back as the four pound chihuahua was struggling to get his head out of my robe... (on my lap and snuggled inside my robe)

    When I moved to see what was wrong I got hit with a blast of "methane" that would make a two ton cow proud.... from a rather sheepish looking tiny dog.

  2. Because of my confinement to the sofa recently, Lulu hasn't been getting her full quota of walks so she has been using the front lawn. Last weekend I went out with a pack of poo bags (nappy disposal bags - supermarket carrier bags usually have unfortunate little holes in them) and picked up 28 bags of poo. I have come to the conclusion that pets are really food processing machines but it's a pity there is no use for the end product.

  3. @eloh: if he lies on the carpet, you just get the updraught. On the wooden floors, there's a warning pffft and you can normally flee before it bowls you over. At least your tiny dog looks sheepish. He just looks deeply pleased. Aaaahhh, that's better, he thinks.

    Jean: Ah, the joys of being a dog owner. All my jackets and coats have bags ready for any eventuality. I always ask him if it's going to be a one or two bag walk. He keeps his own counsel. Perhaps since he's worked out how to get out of the kitchen (heavy door, heavy door handle and the door opens inwards and, oh yes, he's blind), I could give him a door key and the alarm code and just leave out a supply of bags while he takes himself out for a walk. I always followed Bella (the People's Princess Spaniel) with a bag. Visiting Avebury (the most amazing stone circle, makes Stonehenge look like an executive desk toy), I went prepared with bags stuffed in pockets. When we got inside the gate, the previous visitors were a flock of sheep. Incontinent sheep.


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