Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trumpet of a prophecy

If Winter comes ...

... can Spring be far behind?


  1. There's something disconcertingly realistic about seeing a lamb with a number painted on it. Here I am thinking "aaaahhh" as they prance about gleefully and the number brings me down to earth. But not as much as when my dad used to say "look - lamb chops on legs".

  2. Thank you for this....I need signs of spring.

  3. It's all a bit "Lambing Live", isn't it? btw: that was filmed not so far way.

    The dinky snowdrops came all the way from Devon. When I first got the house, I bought loads of snowdrops. Every b***** year I planted them. Something to do with the fact that it's called Snowdrop Cottage (but in Welsh). Every year the wildlife treated them as bar snacks. Not a single one popped its little head up. Last year, visiting a friend just as the snowdrops were going over, I admired her drifts of beautiful little white noddy heads. And she nagged her husband into digging up a clump - "in the green". They sat in a carrier bag all the way back to Surrey and then on to Wales. Given that the bulbs had pegged out, I didn't give this clump much of a chance. But, when the snow began to recede at the start of February, I could see some little tufts of green. Could have been weeds, but no, the snowdrops had made it. They are tiny. About a quarter of the size of the regular sort. The bottom photograph was taken using a macro setting. Yes, they really are that small.

  4. What beautiful pictures. Your "clump" will get bigger every year...right?

    Don't forget to photograph them in bloom.


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