Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mumbling Roast Rhubarb Tart

Back in April Mountainear published a fab recipe for new season's rhubarb. A roasted tart with a crême fraiche custard. It looked so delicious that I borrowed it. Trouble is that you need to make it to share, don't you?

So this last weekend, we had visitors.

And when they went there was a small leftover slice ... and obviously the Collie won't eat it, will he?

My friends are keen walkers so we went out to do one of the local hills.

First of all, we had the debate about the definition of what makes a mountain. I had always been told that it needed to be 3000ft above sea level. That means that none of the peaks in the southern half of Wales count. But there was a view that it was only 1000ft. I think that's a bit of a cheat.

Anyway, this was 663m or 2155ft. Fan Nedd.

The Collie complained all the way up. I was the one carrying the pack not him. Anyway, at the top, I remembered that my camera was on the kitchen table, so these are their photographs. The line running between my ears is Sarn Helen, a Roman road.

Our reward when we got to the top ...

... this wonderful view all the way to the sea. The Bristol Channel and the Mumbles.


  1. I suppose you've seen "The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain"? Your post reminded me of that!
    And we are BIG rhubarb fans over here too! That tart looks awesome!

  2. That pud looks very good !!! I might just have to try it. Although I am a little worried about lack of quantities and oven temperatures in recipe. Still, life is an adventure or nothing !!

    It was nice to see a photo of you and Spot on top of the mountain.

  3. We've not been around much because we've moved to somewhere very similar here in Scotland. We go out the gate and turn left, puff and pant for a while and get very similar veiws, except it's me who does the complaining, trying to stop Henry pulling one way like a train, Badger pulling the other way because he's not used to being in the way and Molly in the middle with me getting tangled up - it's all worth it once we get up there though and it always makes me smile.x

  4. Thank goodness the slog to the top was worth it - what fantastic views. Isn't it wonderful to see the world spread beneath one? I'll bet the air was fresh and keen too.

    Glad you enjoyed the rhubarb tart!

  5. The tart was delicious and very easy to make. Recommend you pop over to Mountainear for the recipe. I used a standard 8" flan dish, 6oz flour/3oz fat shortcrust pastry, enough rhubarb to cover the bottom of the dish and sprinkled with just enough golden caster sugar. I had some creme fraiche lurking in the fridge and that, with the eggs and about 1.5 tbsp sugar made the custard topping. I'm a bit of an "it seems about right" kind of cook which is just as well since the oven is a bit ish too! I did the first 20 mins on 170 (or whatever it thinks is 170) and lowered it to 150 for the rest. You wait till I get my electric range ...

    The mountain (or hill) was smashing. The wind was biting on the top but we were in shirtsleeves on the way down. The Collie was being a grumpy git because he wasn't allowed off lead since we kept coming across sheep. He was very happy to have a drink and a tripe stick on the top.

    Getting to the top does bring a smile, doesn't it? The view across to the Mumbles is a special treat for me as well.

  6. Ji, Mad again, it took me some time to find you, I thought you might be one of the private blogs But here you are. I will now have to scroll back and read some of your posts as well as your profile.

    See you later.
    PS Is that a new collie you have?

  7. Oh I love rhubarb, but it doesn't grow here in the south.
    Beautiful pictures.

  8. @eloh : rhubarb - ambrosia in a humble form, beaten only by gooseberries.

    Friko - thank you for dropping by. Yes, he's a new, old collie. Well, at least new to me in April 2009 but now about 11 years old.


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