Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Madette

Today I've had my quota of believing six impossible things before breakfast.

First, it was my birthday yesterday and I cannot believe my age. But I downed it before breakfast.

Secondly, I share my birthday (date and year) with Vladimir Putin. What was that strange and bitter taste?

Thirdly, that Spottie the Git decided to wake me up at 02:31 to have a wander outside. Needed a cup of tea for that one.

Fourthly, the Labour party had a choice of two Millipedes and chose the wrong one. I swallowed that one with a banana which may have something to do with the decision.

Fifthly, Madette is 29 years old today. Gulp.

Lastly, and this really is hard to chew. A bit like Shredded Wheat. You can chew it for hours but it will never get past the tonsils. Tomorrow, Madette will be exactly the same age I was when she was born.

Chance made you my daughter;
love made you my friend


  1. Belated birthday wishes. Nice quote. Shame the banana got stuck in your throat.

  2. Hi Mad, just to let you know you are missed.


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