Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Red Coat

I'm a touch high maintenance mixed with an inclination to be careful with the pennies. So I tend to wind up with beautiful expensive coats that have to last.

My current heavy winter coat for work has been around a few years. Alright, I confess. Nine years. It's classic, black and simple. Looks good wherever you go in it. But it is nine years old and the lining (yes the lining) is beginning to wear out.

I've been looking at those wonderful red coats. Hobbs had a nice one and the Austin Reed was even more me. And the sales have been on ...

As I drove back from the supermarket last week, I had the following conversation with myself:

"That red is smashing, isn't it?"

"Yes, but how practical is red?"

"Who cares? And it goes with the, ahem, blonde, hair."

"How much wear will you get out of it?"

"Who cares. It's gorgeous"

"But you need a black winter coat ... you know for black coat events"

"Maybe no-one will die in the winter"

"Who said funerals?"

"You just did ... it's still gorgeous"

"Well, you know ... it wouldn't look too good at a f..f..funeral"

"You've got the black Hobbs trench and the Max Mara three-quarters in black. That'll do for your black coat events "

"That would sort out my practical needs, wouldn't it?"

"FGS. It's gorgeous. And the sales are still on. But if you don't get a move on they'll only have one tiddly one and a circus tent left".

So here it is ...

Oh. By the way. At my funeral, you'll all have to wear your brightest and sassiest clothes. Not planning on going yet, you understand. But just remember.


  1. That IS a gorgeous coat. And it'll go with more than you might expect, 'cos of those nice black buttons.

    I used to have a REALLY gorgeous red coat, very flowing and dramatic. I got it (actually it still hangs in my cupboard!) about 15 years ago in the last days of Harrods sale. It was £40, down from £150, bargain! Alas, my colleagues at the time all referred to it as "The Red Dressing Gown". I still liked it!

    At my funeral, the closing tune is going to be from the Wizard of Oz - "Ding Dong, The Witch is Dead"...!

    R&J xx

  2. Beautiful coat! Now for a hat....!

  3. R&@J - I like the idea of DDTWID! But the request is for it to be the Suo Gân. It's on youtube if you don't know it.

    mla - a hat. Oooh ... I love hats. There's a particularly nice little back pill box that will set this off nicely. And shoes! And bags!


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