Thursday, July 16, 2009

In case of an oink

Ok, not a joke but it got your attention, eh?

I've filched this from Family Affairs , since she has some concise and sensible words on Swine Flu for UK residents, in case you need them sharpish.

Symptoms include a high temperature (38C/100F or higher) and two or more of the following:
sore throat
runny nose
limb or joint pain

Follow advice at or call NHS Direct on 0845 4647 (08454 242424 in Scotland).

If you are still worried, contact your GP who can prescribe Tamiflu if required.

Do not go to your pharmacy, surgery or A&E without first speaking to your doctor. A friend or relative should collect Tamiflu for you if you are the one that is not well. So beforehand, make sure that you know someone who can be your "flu buddy".

Let's also keep some perspective on this. It still seems to be a mild type of flu. Yes, we see reports in the media of deaths. And these are very sad for those families. But in a bad year, seasonal flu contributes to an extra 20,000 premature deaths. Swine flu like seasonal flu will be worse for people in poor health.

So, Mr Mainwaring, don't panic.


  1. I get those symptoms the morning after a night out. I must catch swine flu twice a week.

  2. Indeed it is pretty grim for those who aren't exactly in tip top condition to start with. When they get this flu jab up and running (it'll be two jabs) I'll be one of the first groups to get it, as I'm considered to be in a 'high risk group' (thank you, CF).

    It makes me feel all warm and special inside :P

  3. Dave - that may just be the oink bit of it, rather than the flu itself ;-)

    Megan - glad to hear that you'll be a priority. I hope that people will understand why you're at the top of the queue and they aren't.

  4. Swine flu is a bit like seasonal flu but in my experience far, far more contagious, so therefore more 'at risk' people will get it. So I think whilst trying not to panic people is important, it is also vital people try to contain it as much as possible.


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