Monday, June 29, 2009

The scent of summer

If you come a little closer to the screen and sniff, you'll catch the honeysuckle on the evening breeze.

Perfect, eh?


  1. Wahey - we found you and your honeysuckle! We're on the lookout for some honeysuckle for our new garden - just LOVE the scent in the evening...

    But, most importantly, we sought you out to say THANK YOU so very much to you and the Spotted-Hero for your kind offer to help us out in our time of torment. Of course, we would NEVER consider you as intruding whatsoever. We think we might be OK, as it's pay day tomorrow and steps have been taken along the road for reclaiming the extortionate charges from the evil bank. You will probably never know exactly how much your kind offer means to us - it really made us smile when we felt like crying, and your words still bring cheer to our hearts. Thank you again. We're so glad you found us out online! Every blessing, Jasper and Ruth xxxx


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